Thursday, 14 February 2008


Good morning! Now, I am eating my dear's onigiri! So nice! Haha. Hope later wun go to toliet! Haha.

Yesterday, It was a wonderful and terrible valentine day for me. And I had to say it again, Sorry dear!! Really very sorry!! However, I would like to go cycling again on weekdays morning where there is no people. :) It was so fun. My buttock now very pain. Haha.

Oh ya, yesterday, we spent less than $10 to get 3 mickey and minnie! So good! We are relly expert already! Haha. But, we wasted some more money to try to get another one. Haha. So stupid. :P I want to get more mickey and minnie! Hope they will faster top up new one! Haha.

Later got exam. Din study much as ususal. Hope I wun fail!!!

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