Friday, 15 February 2008

song to u

my litter giant
today i going to servise u make u feel relax haha
hentai jyanaiyo sukebe yaro- jyanaiyo
u r the hentai and sukebe yaro-
i send u a short song my littter giant
i hav fall in love~♪
with this litter giant~♪
i wan to love her forever i mean it ~♪
she always sad becose of me .♪
im sorry for ur tears everytimes♪
but i wan u to know my feeling ♪
the full of love to u my heart is burning i just simply love u ♪
everything is becouse of u .♪
i just wan u to stay at my side ♪
to be happy together♪
kimiwo ai shiteru yo ♪
kimi igai daredemo naku ♪
eien ni jikan ga tomarebaii ne soushitara ♪
zutto isso damonn ♪
kimiwo ~~~~~♪

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