Monday, 11 February 2008

We are Broke, But we are happy^^

Just reach home from Arcade! Haha. I'm so happy today!!! My dear got the pair that I wanted for so long! Arigatou~! Muack <3!>

Today we nearly got the minne!! Ahh!! Too bad!! :( But next time still got chance!! Haha.

I got sore eyes now :( So pain...

I found from my friend's blog! IT's so true!! Dear, must read k?

When she acts shy....Say I Love You-

When she runs away from you...Chase her-

When she puts her face near yours...Kiss her-

When she kicks and punches you... Hold her tight-

When she is silent...Shes thinking of how to say I Love You-

When she ignores you...She wants all your attention -

When she pulls away...grab her by the waist and never let go-

When you see her at her worst... tell her she's BEAUTIFUL-

When she screams at you...Tell her you love her, you have to mean it -

When you see her walking... Sneak up behind her and grab her by the waist and give her a kiss- When she is scared... Hold her and tell her everything will be okay cause she's with you-

When she looks like somethings the matter... Kiss her and tell her not to worry-

While she holds your hand... Play with her fingers

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