Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lots of Love

Thanks to my dear for sending me home just now. Muack~!<3

Today at my dear's house! I feel so relax! Haha. Keep watching videos but din study! Haha. It's ok. I saw my dear doing so hard for my doughnut. I really appreciate his effort and I can see him using all his love to do each sewing. I'm so touched!!!

We caught a sitch for one play only! Haha! So lucky! My dear say, "let's get it for one time" and he really got it! So lucky! Haha. In the end, we exchanged for the dog :)

We went to AMK Hub just now to have our dinnerat Ichiban Sushi. Not so nice. Next time wun go and eat already :( Oh ya, just now, we helped a girl to take a pooh key chain! We tried alot of time but couldn't get it. My dear so smart! He found the technique in getting the key chain! Haha. For the last one dollar he had, he took 2 piglet keychains! So expert! Haha. My dear is really smart! :) We are so kind! We spent our money and helped that little girl to take :)

My dear only found out that we look so matching when we are standing in front of mirror. Haha. Dear, I told you you are matching already. Haha. Now you believe? :P

We discussed our saving plan just now! Hope it will be succeed nect month!!! Let's work hard together~! :D

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