Tuesday, 26 February 2008

me and u forever love

today was so happy get so many price
we get 3 today!!! yeah haha
then today i need to work then caiyan need to go home i miss her
so much after she go back home
i don like this feeling i wan to always with her
only caiyan that person i love and wan to be together for my lest of my life
we still got lots of thing will happen but i wish end of the day that will make us more and more
stronger and more love each other
every single step is our memories our story
we r still half way and our story will still continew till both of our life stop berning
lets wright more and more story that make us cant forget till we r old
wish our happyness forever


Just reach home after work and lunch with my dear :) We went to Bugis just now to have our lunch! Haha. My dear is addicted to the Laksa?! Haha.

We went to the Arcade and we caught alot of dwarfs!! Omg~! Beccause they change the position of catching and we know the technique! Haha. In the end, I caught 1 dwarf and mt dear caught 2! Haha.

I'm so happy :) Because our money are not wasted today. Haha.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

waaaaaaaaaaaaa no wan can see that super ugly photo haha im sorry yanyan i won put ugly one already forgive me haha
today i make her angry when our meal so sorry
ill try to be more better next time so can enjoy our meal together k
i going to sleep already night my lovely angel muak:)

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Starting to Work

I so shocked to see my dear putting that ugly picture of me!!! I am going to revenge! Haha. :p

Ya, after today, I will be working and working... And I can see my dear every day!! Hope we wun spend alot of money next mth on supper!!! Haha. Must save~!

Hope my dear wun see mi until sian. Haha.

Ok, I got to go for school to sit for my last paper already! Bye~!
yo yo from today yan yan going to start work already
finaly can see u everyday
but for me is not enough i wan to see u every morning i open my eyes and every night close my eyes i wan that much haha
im greedy one haha
wondering when then we can be together :)

Monday, 18 February 2008

I feel alot of love..

ust came back home from Bishan:)

I went to meet up with my dear after my exam. Haha. Hope can pass although I crap through. Haha.

I'm surprised by the dear today! He gave me his own made card:) I'm so touch. Thank you dear!!! I can feel so much of your dear!!! Muack <3

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lots of Love

Thanks to my dear for sending me home just now. Muack~!<3

Today at my dear's house! I feel so relax! Haha. Keep watching videos but din study! Haha. It's ok. I saw my dear doing so hard for my doughnut. I really appreciate his effort and I can see him using all his love to do each sewing. I'm so touched!!!

We caught a sitch for one play only! Haha! So lucky! My dear say, "let's get it for one time" and he really got it! So lucky! Haha. In the end, we exchanged for the dog :)

We went to AMK Hub just now to have our dinnerat Ichiban Sushi. Not so nice. Next time wun go and eat already :( Oh ya, just now, we helped a girl to take a pooh key chain! We tried alot of time but couldn't get it. My dear so smart! He found the technique in getting the key chain! Haha. For the last one dollar he had, he took 2 piglet keychains! So expert! Haha. My dear is really smart! :) We are so kind! We spent our money and helped that little girl to take :)

My dear only found out that we look so matching when we are standing in front of mirror. Haha. Dear, I told you you are matching already. Haha. Now you believe? :P

We discussed our saving plan just now! Hope it will be succeed nect month!!! Let's work hard together~! :D

Friday, 15 February 2008

song to u

my litter giant
today i going to servise u make u feel relax haha
hentai jyanaiyo sukebe yaro- jyanaiyo
u r the hentai and sukebe yaro-
i send u a short song my littter giant
i hav fall in love~♪
with this litter giant~♪
i wan to love her forever i mean it ~♪
she always sad becose of me .♪
im sorry for ur tears everytimes♪
but i wan u to know my feeling ♪
the full of love to u my heart is burning i just simply love u ♪
everything is becouse of u .♪
i just wan u to stay at my side ♪
to be happy together♪
kimiwo ai shiteru yo ♪
kimi igai daredemo naku ♪
eien ni jikan ga tomarebaii ne soushitara ♪
zutto isso damonn ♪
kimiwo ~~~~~♪

Missing my dear

Now, I'm lazy. Keep studying half way and go away from the table. Haha. SO sian~!

When is my dear knocking off from work? I'm waiting to hear his voice. I miss him.

Today, I got alot of love from my dear :) So sweet. I'm so happy and feel loved. Thank you dear Muack<3~!

Tml, I am going my dear's house to study and relax. Haha. 楽しみ~!

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Good morning! Now, I am eating my dear's onigiri! So nice! Haha. Hope later wun go to toliet! Haha.

Yesterday, It was a wonderful and terrible valentine day for me. And I had to say it again, Sorry dear!! Really very sorry!! However, I would like to go cycling again on weekdays morning where there is no people. :) It was so fun. My buttock now very pain. Haha.

Oh ya, yesterday, we spent less than $10 to get 3 mickey and minnie! So good! We are relly expert already! Haha. But, we wasted some more money to try to get another one. Haha. So stupid. :P I want to get more mickey and minnie! Hope they will faster top up new one! Haha.

Later got exam. Din study much as ususal. Hope I wun fail!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

trust me i can make u happy forever
i got confidance to have happy life woth u together forever
just follow me :)
i always wan to see ur this face :P
so cute:)
i love u caiyan i really really wan to be with u forever and ever
i will do every thing to make our future to be happy life
maybe i bit stoben but please accept my that part also

I miss my dear.

Haiz. I haven been study!!! Omg~! I think I will do badly for my exam :( No confidence at all.

I'm sorry that I made my dear not happy just now :( Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!

I suddenly think of my future. What will it be? Happy? Lonely? Tough? Am I too naive? Will I make the wrong decision in my live? I need support and reassurrance now. I really hate someone doubting your ability. Please prove to them that you can provide me a good life in the future!!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Just came back after meeting my dear fo lunch :)

This early afternoon, I went to bugis along for a mini shopping! I went to buy the sushi hp strap for my dear dropped it somewhere. Haha. I'm glad that he is very happy to receive one more. :D

Dear, Cannot lose it again ar. K? Must treasure the sushi:)

After I bought the sushi, I went to the arcade to try my luck. In the end, I got the minnie for my first try! Only $1! So lucky! :P

I bought something for my dear! So happy. Hope he will like it!

I cant wait for the Valentine to come~!

Monday, 11 February 2008

We are Broke, But we are happy^^

Just reach home from Arcade! Haha. I'm so happy today!!! My dear got the pair that I wanted for so long! Arigatou~! Muack <3!>

Today we nearly got the minne!! Ahh!! Too bad!! :( But next time still got chance!! Haha.

I got sore eyes now :( So pain...

I found from my friend's blog! IT's so true!! Dear, must read k?

When she acts shy....Say I Love You-

When she runs away from you...Chase her-

When she puts her face near yours...Kiss her-

When she kicks and punches you... Hold her tight-

When she is silent...Shes thinking of how to say I Love You-

When she ignores you...She wants all your attention -

When she pulls away...grab her by the waist and never let go-

When you see her at her worst... tell her she's BEAUTIFUL-

When she screams at you...Tell her you love her, you have to mean it -

When you see her walking... Sneak up behind her and grab her by the waist and give her a kiss- When she is scared... Hold her and tell her everything will be okay cause she's with you-

When she looks like somethings the matter... Kiss her and tell her not to worry-

While she holds your hand... Play with her fingers

yeah im master of catcher

finaly get them!! u see so cute
we didnt spend much and get!!:)
im the master of catcher already haha
my love one also so happy
i also so happy:)
i no more money but i get a lot a lot of love,smile,life from caiyan:)
i love u
lets always like this micky minne so close love each other

Friday, 8 February 2008

Chinese New Year!

Now, I am waiting for my dear to call me. I so sleepy now. Haha. Just now, we went to watch the Ah Long movie. So nice and we keep laughing in the cinema. Haha.

Dear lost the salmon sushi that I gave him :( But, it's alright k? Daijoubu!! :)

Today, my dear went to my grandma's house to bai nian! Haha. So happy that my relative know him already :) Hop my dear had a nice time there :) I can also see that my mum care about me alot although everytime she act dun care :) I'm So happy today :D

When is my dear calling..................................?

We have to survive this month! Because no money :( We spent too much already.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


how is it nice? last night i tidy up again :) so many micky im so happy
every micky is me and caiyan our memories:)
love u caiyan

do anyone know what is this?? u know? u know? jow about u?
micky? NOOOOO, Is caiyan take one MICKYYYY
she get one micky today she was happy taking the micky
i was so happy seeing she smile and also a bit jealous haha
then today i got CHANCE but din get the minne i didnt get a good position ... sorry caiyan the next time ill try to aim prop
caiyan lets save our money for our 未来:)... but still wan collect micky haha:P

Sunday, 3 February 2008

SO fu~~ll!!

wahhhhhh today dinner eat so full
cant eat already
15pcs gyoza+etc so full
but if only gyoza i think i can eat 30to40pcs haha
today was so lucky we get steach
when caiyan not there i just try once .
i wanted to make her suprise then i luckyly get
the price i was so happy that, i saw caiyan smiling haha
i alway wan to protect her. to see more of caiyan SMILE:)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

the blog is back .

wah finaly the blog is back haha
got so many thing to update
i and caiyan got so many love haha
im so happy be with her together
shes my life partner forever
see this is our collection i wan to get more
and more micky minne

caiyan im ur micky and ur my minne:p

LOVE u forever :)

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Our Blog is ALive again!

Ok, our blog is locked by blogger recently because they suspect that out blog is spammed! But now, it's alright already :)

Yesterday, I stayed over at my dear's house to do my IT project. In the end, I still couldn't finish! Sorry for disturbing my dear. And thanks for my dear to fetch me to school :) Muack!

Our display shelf was here yesterday and my dear try to diplay all our mickey stuff yesterday. It was quite nice! Haha. We are going to get more mickies!!! Haha.

I'm so tired now :( Din sleep much for past few days. Haiz.

I miss my dear now:(

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Today, I keep falling sleep during class! Haha. So sleepy. :(

Tml is my math lesson assessment! So nervous~!

Please wish me good luck!

I miss my dear~!


Monday, 21 January 2008


Finaly their together

Shopping Again!

Today, I went to look for my at Bishan after school! Because I miss him and want to see him. Am I a good girlfriend? Haha.

As usual, we went to the arcade! Guess what?! We spent alot of money on the kimono mickey machine!! Because my dear looked so determined to get the mickey! Haha. In the end, my dear got it! Finally!! I was so scared that we can't get it! Then, we exchange for the Minnie:)
Today my dear skipped class. I felt so bad. We spent alot of money today also! Haiz. We are addicted to arcade~!

We saw this at PS! OMG!!! I want them!

We bought the mickey from IMM on saturday!

The Mickey that we caught today!

Yeah finaly get the minny caiyan was so happy today i see her smile im very very happy.
I will make her smile every moment in her life with me !!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

I Love Mickey!

Yesterday, my dear and I bought a lot of mickey! Haha. I'm so happy! I want to collect Mickey& Minnie couple :) Yeah~!
Yes! We must save money!! No more supper!!! Work more~! Haha. I'm addicted to arcade already! :(
Today miss my dear so much! He is sick :( Hope he will recover soon! The next time I will see him is on next friday working! Haha.
Next week I worked so little! 2 half days only :(
I can't wait for 2 more weeks to pass.... To freedom

That is the mickey we bought! I want to collect mickey in japanese costume. Can?

Saturday, 19 January 2008


Today buy so many micky haha
We love micky
So our future house got more and more micky collection k
Don forget to earn money for getting micky k ;p
See we can get how much of micky together

Friday, 18 January 2008

Yeah u see isn't this cute haha
Yesterday we get banana again my banana collection is getting more and more so happy haha
then she also say she love my banana also ;p

Thursday, 17 January 2008

sorry for so slow update

Im so sorry for so late!!
today was so bored !! coz today didn see caiyan!!
where is my love one miss u so much
and im bit sick today haha
school also cant concentrate at all don know what am i doing just now BOOOOO
i thinking my caiyan got buy anythings for me from Daiso ;p

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Wonderful Night

Again, I am in library updating again! Haha. So sad, my dear did not update the blog :(

Yesterday, I went to look for my dear after the dicussion of my projects. They ended early because all of us are so tired after the practicum!

I went to my dear's house to watch the SAW 2! Haha. SO nice and interesting! Bleah:P

Thanks for my dear for looking the little pancake for me! Thanks alot! I have wrote a thanks message for you in our pink communication book! Go and check it out! Haha.

After that, we went to Pasar Palam! Haha. Of course we went to the stall that sell the stickers! :P We brought alot of mickey stuff again! So happy! Then, we went to the food stall to buy food to eat:) Then, we went to the entertainment centre and play the arcade! Haha. SO fun:) Although my dear always win me :(

Later, I am going to buy the ingredients for tomorrow picnic~! Haha. So excited........

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

So Tired~!

Now, I am in library going to discuss the project. I'm so sleepy and tired now! Yesterday working one full shift made me so tired! So long did not do full shift already. :(

My dear and I spent alot of money recently at the Bishan Arcade! In the end, we couldn't get any soft toys mickey and minnie from the machine. However, we got the micky mouse light and clock from the Big SweetLand machine!

We watched Eastern Promise and One Miss Call during last week! Haha. Recently, we also rent the SAW movie and watched. We watched the part 1 and I think it was quite nice and interesting! Haha. Going to watch the part 2 tonight :)

Cant wait for Friday to come! Dear and I are going to have picnic! Yay~! <3
I miss my dear....................

Saturday, 12 January 2008


TML we are going to get more and more mickyyyyyyyy!!
bishan got good machin !!
Lets try our vest caiyan!!
Show our power to the arcade haha
later they scare us haha

Friday, 11 January 2008

We are so LUCKY!

Today after school, I went to work! SO tired!! I reached Wraku early and I go and had my dinner. :) I even help my dear to buy apple orange juice! Haha. Tody, I do A1 with Ana. As usual, she told me alot of secrets. :) Haha.

After work, me and dear went to Cineleisure as usual :P We ate at PastaMania ans we ordered only one set! We become so full easily nowadays. Haha. It is a good thing :) So we will not get FAT! Haha.

While waiting for the movie to start, we went to the B1 to play the 'cluck cluck' machine. Haha. We are so lucky today! We got 2 mickey cookies keychain straight for 2 times! Haha. All of the things were so nice!! So happy! :)

Cant wait to go Bishan Arcade there. Because Dear said that it was really fun there.

We watched the Eastern Promise. So nice! Got some violence and naked scene. Haha. It's M18!! So good to lie on Dear's stomach and chest nto watch movie! Haha. I love kissing you! :P

Things we got from the machines! Cute? Haha. I LOVE it! <3


Thursday, 10 January 2008

OKA so Expert!

Dear, I found this on online shop!

It cost $50 each and $90 for both! So expensive! But you are so great! U used $3 to get one mickey!!! Haha. Good job! Oka! :)

SO Bored~

Now in my school library :) Waiting for my IT class to start. Later got a test for photoshop and I din even practice for it. Haha.

I miss my dear! I miss my dear! Later will be seeing him at work :)

Later, I will be hugging and kissing him all night long, promise! :P

Finery i learn how to get micky from the machin haha
Isn't it cute?
i saw a expart uncle doing and listen to him how to take then
really can get haha i only spend 3 dollers
This iss for my love one (caiyan)
today was so sleepy during my class . I keep on falling sleep haha but i didn't fall sleep ;p
tml can meet my girl yeah . she promise that if i get full marks of speling test she will kiss and hug hug me !! yeah
i cant wait tml haha;p

Thinking of you now~

Just got back home from school! So tired!! Haha. Haven make the locker key yet. :( Tml working already! Haiz. Nevermind. Now, my mum try to g and make for mi! Haha.
Heard that my dear just caught a mickey from the machine! Haha. Learn new technique already hor. Haha

So many things still undone :( Math lesson plan and math learning corners :( Nevermnd, still got 3 more weeks before my attachment end!

AHH! I cant wait for my holiday to start! I miss my dear! I want to spend more time with my dear! I want to work and earn more! And I need time to tidy up my things! I want to take a rest too!!

Dear, do you know that Valentine Time is coming next month? Haha. It will be our first time celebrating Valentine Time together :) You MUST plan that day can? Haha.


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Miss You so much~!

Yo! Now, I am outside the class waiting for the next lesson.

Yesterday, I went to meet Dear after my school. We watched the Singapore True Ghost Story VCD at his house! It wasn'y so nice la. Haha. Then, Dear went to buy Curry Fish Head! Haha. Yummy~! But Dear buy too much food already! Haha.

Sorry for always flling asleep on your bed :( Because your bed is too comfortable already :p

Yesterday you hurt me so much! Just because of your one sentence. "Why is it always my fault."Sometimes, I hope you can be more understanding. I have not been sleeping much from the last 3 days. When I woke up, you looked so angry. WHat would I feel? I felt so stupid and useless you know.

Ok, I shall not talk much any more.

See you soon!


Sorry for this night

SORRY make u feel that i showing temp . I really didnt . I just care of u and i don wan to make u more tired only .
If u don like that then next time i change to other way to wake u up!! I'll shake u and roll u on my bed haha . See u still can sleep not haha
I hope next time u can sleep at my side forever
then i'll so happy. I really love u so much

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

ill carry&hold u foever!!

Today work so fun teaching a lousy supervisor haha . his so slow and lousy . i had a fun time scolding him haha
Then after work go see my love one ... so happy seeing her and hug kiss etc haha
then carry her for 1-2min to her block . it was so fun .
And i wan to carry u forever CAI YAN!! Muak

Still so full now

Yo! Just met Oka just now for supper! He came to BB here and we ate McDonald. Haha. Guess what? OKA bought EBITEN MAKI for me~! Thanks So much! mmmmuack~! :p

I'm so tired now :( So Sleepy but still cannot sleep yet. Tml I will be supervised by my teacher! So scary! Please wish me good luck!

Anyway, I so happy to see my dear just now. Although it was a very short time :) Nevermind, tml we are meeting again! :P

Just now Dear piggyback me was so fun! Love it! <3

I have to get back to do my things and study for tml test.

I need more sleep..

Monday, 7 January 2008

i wan to cry my english fail already---------!!!!!!

Boooo!! My spelling test 3 wrong!!OMG!!
Fail already haha
i spell wrong "arriver time" i spell "arrivar time"
then one more is writhing not clear enogh then teacher cant read haha
Today WARAKU central not busy at all . so quite and boring . i was dish up that doing notting much for the whole lunch haha
I always miss my love one . she's kiss , hug , voice
everything.i hope one day i can get that everyday

Sorry, I spent so much today

Today, I went to my school POSB machine and wanted to draw $20. But, stupid caiyan accidently presses the $200 button! OMG! In the end, $200 was drawn from my account! Ahh! Oka, today I spent alot of money for my school poject! Heart so pain!!

Anyway, how's your class today? Fun? Hope you are doing fine :)

Hey! I have planned my next week schedule!

Mon: 11-4 [Then after that, let's go and eat lunch before you go school :) Ok?]

Tue: OKA's DAY!!

Fri: 6-C

Sat: 11-10

Sun: 11-10

Please inform me about your schedule also k? :)

I miss you so much today... I was SO happy to hear your voice when you called me just now :P