Friday, 11 January 2008

We are so LUCKY!

Today after school, I went to work! SO tired!! I reached Wraku early and I go and had my dinner. :) I even help my dear to buy apple orange juice! Haha. Tody, I do A1 with Ana. As usual, she told me alot of secrets. :) Haha.

After work, me and dear went to Cineleisure as usual :P We ate at PastaMania ans we ordered only one set! We become so full easily nowadays. Haha. It is a good thing :) So we will not get FAT! Haha.

While waiting for the movie to start, we went to the B1 to play the 'cluck cluck' machine. Haha. We are so lucky today! We got 2 mickey cookies keychain straight for 2 times! Haha. All of the things were so nice!! So happy! :)

Cant wait to go Bishan Arcade there. Because Dear said that it was really fun there.

We watched the Eastern Promise. So nice! Got some violence and naked scene. Haha. It's M18!! So good to lie on Dear's stomach and chest nto watch movie! Haha. I love kissing you! :P

Things we got from the machines! Cute? Haha. I LOVE it! <3


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