Monday, 7 January 2008

Sorry, I spent so much today

Today, I went to my school POSB machine and wanted to draw $20. But, stupid caiyan accidently presses the $200 button! OMG! In the end, $200 was drawn from my account! Ahh! Oka, today I spent alot of money for my school poject! Heart so pain!!

Anyway, how's your class today? Fun? Hope you are doing fine :)

Hey! I have planned my next week schedule!

Mon: 11-4 [Then after that, let's go and eat lunch before you go school :) Ok?]

Tue: OKA's DAY!!

Fri: 6-C

Sat: 11-10

Sun: 11-10

Please inform me about your schedule also k? :)

I miss you so much today... I was SO happy to hear your voice when you called me just now :P


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