Tuesday, 15 January 2008

So Tired~!

Now, I am in library going to discuss the project. I'm so sleepy and tired now! Yesterday working one full shift made me so tired! So long did not do full shift already. :(

My dear and I spent alot of money recently at the Bishan Arcade! In the end, we couldn't get any soft toys mickey and minnie from the machine. However, we got the micky mouse light and clock from the Big SweetLand machine!

We watched Eastern Promise and One Miss Call during last week! Haha. Recently, we also rent the SAW movie and watched. We watched the part 1 and I think it was quite nice and interesting! Haha. Going to watch the part 2 tonight :)

Cant wait for Friday to come! Dear and I are going to have picnic! Yay~! <3
I miss my dear....................

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