Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thinking of you now~

Just got back home from school! So tired!! Haha. Haven make the locker key yet. :( Tml working already! Haiz. Nevermind. Now, my mum try to g and make for mi! Haha.
Heard that my dear just caught a mickey from the machine! Haha. Learn new technique already hor. Haha

So many things still undone :( Math lesson plan and math learning corners :( Nevermnd, still got 3 more weeks before my attachment end!

AHH! I cant wait for my holiday to start! I miss my dear! I want to spend more time with my dear! I want to work and earn more! And I need time to tidy up my things! I want to take a rest too!!

Dear, do you know that Valentine Time is coming next month? Haha. It will be our first time celebrating Valentine Time together :) You MUST plan that day can? Haha.


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