Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Miss You so much~!

Yo! Now, I am outside the class waiting for the next lesson.

Yesterday, I went to meet Dear after my school. We watched the Singapore True Ghost Story VCD at his house! It wasn'y so nice la. Haha. Then, Dear went to buy Curry Fish Head! Haha. Yummy~! But Dear buy too much food already! Haha.

Sorry for always flling asleep on your bed :( Because your bed is too comfortable already :p

Yesterday you hurt me so much! Just because of your one sentence. "Why is it always my fault."Sometimes, I hope you can be more understanding. I have not been sleeping much from the last 3 days. When I woke up, you looked so angry. WHat would I feel? I felt so stupid and useless you know.

Ok, I shall not talk much any more.

See you soon!


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